The OtherDAO

$OTHR Staking

An overview of $OTHR staking

How it works

Staking your $OTHR is a simple task and enables users to access a portion of the $USDC yield generated by the protocol (i.e., revenue-sharing), dependent on the amount of $OTHR staked. Unlike many other protocols, $OTHR staking requires no locks. Simply deposit your $OTHR for as long as you want to receive passive $USDC rewards.

How to stake

First, make sure you have purchased your desired amount of $OTHR through UniSwap. Please note that there is no minimum, or maximum amount of $OTHR users must stake. Users receive $USDC rewards based on the percentage of $OTHR they have deposited in the staking pool relative to the total amount of $OTHR in the staking pool.
When you are ready to stake, simply head to our OtherDAO dApp to deposit into the $OTHR revenue-sharing staking pool.